Dear Doug,
once browsing the WWW I founded your web site on red haired people. I'm unfortunately not a ginger. i have middle-brown hair. for a long I've been admiring this wonderful head color. I would like to have a red haired husband... I also like to take pictures of people. I'm keen on photography especially those gelatin dry plate and blueprint but personally I use only a digital still camera coz I'm not patient enough
to develop pictures. for a long time a saw many redheads. My cousin has red-orange hair, and also one of my friends. a girl from my class has red-blond hair.
every norbert I know is ginger, kind of coincidence...
I know a girl who coloured her natural red hair in a much more red tone to emphasize the color. I'll send you some portraits of gingers I took. if you wish full size pics write me by e-mail. IM a secondary school student from Krakow, Poland.
please write me what do you thing of the pics.


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St. pat_2000224


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