I came across your website looking for a drawing of a redhead, freckle faced kid for me to use for some personal stationary. I fell in love with your photos!

I am one of 4 children and the only one with red hair. Both my parents and grandparents (on both sides) are/were dark Irish (black hair, light eyes).  We believe that I am the first of 3 generations.  My husband is dark haired.  Our first son has sandy color hair.  Our second son, lo and behold, a flaming red head like me!  It wasn't until my husband grew a goatee last fall that we realized that his beard is as red as my hair!

Growing up, as the only redhead, I drew a great deal of attention, difficult at a time when a girl just wants to fit in. I had an uncle that to this day calls me 'carrot top'. When doing service work in nursing homes in my teenage years, I heard from every octogenarian man about the unrequited love they had for a redhead woman. It wasn't until I graduated from college and got into the workforce in sales that I began to appreciate my hair.  It was the one thing that quickly distinguished me from others.

I am sending you a photo from last summer of my son, Griffen, who just turned 6.  He is much more comfortable with his red hair than I ever was. He loves the way it matches his freckles. 

I noticed that you are in Maryland.  We live northeast of Baltimore. Are you doing photography full time or just as a hobby?

Would love to hear more.


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St. pat_2000224


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